††††††††††† Formula of a personal driver safety


Researcher:Vemir Ambartsoumian, PhD, Doctor Technical Science, Professor in field of Management in Social, Economics, and Engineering Science. Credentials include: Active member of many Science Academies; more than 35 years experience in scientific researches as well as hands-on experience in traffic safety area in companies around the world (Armenia, Algeria, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine); author of more than 10 textbooks, such as ⌠Risk Analysis and Risk Management of Traffic Safety■ and more than 160 research articles; lectured at International symposiums and conferences in 20 countries; honored with International Awards.


Organization: Created by Mr. Ambartsoumian International Intellectual and Constructive Association in Armenia (1991) incorporate specialists in Transportation and Highway Management, Vehicular Traffic Safety, Traffic Psychology, Labor Physiology, Systems Analysis, Statistics. Project objectives:The combined efforts undertaken by scientists, engineers and professionals in motor-car construction industry, and highway engineering produced remarkable result: only 8% to 10% of all road accidents can be attributed by motor vehicles itself, and 10% to 15% can be attributed to highway/road conditions. At the same time, 70% to 75% accounts for driver factors.

Today primary efforts of scientists and specialists in vehicle traffic

Safety should be pointed towards improvement in the driver factors.

We were studying the real state of traffic safety in more than 20

Countries worldwide and completing analysis from statistical data for the

Past 5 years in the USA and 60 countries around the globe.

We have come to a convincing conclusion that despite going for broke

By many different institutions and entities the level of road accidents

Has been on the rise.

The research conducted by our organization signifies a crying need in waiving of ineffective traditional methods.

It is necessary to turn the creation of such norms and rules in the level of drivers, which could upend the current situation with vehicular traffic safety.

This work is geared towards considerable improvement in traffic safety

And as a result significant reduction in road accidents and its consequences.

Proposed Methodology:In order to develop individual program securing traffic safety for any given driver in defined category, one needs to determine the following factors: type of personality, health condition, psychological, physiological, anthropometrical and physical records, as well as certain patterns and mechanism of road accidents origin.

Categorization of motorists such as young, senior, or truck drivers, as well as a make of a freight moving company with 250 -300 drivers on the payroll is determined by a customer.

Using advanced technology weíve envision three stages in carrying out

The program of this project.

Stage 1: We conduct System Analysis of causes leading to a road accident. This is needed to explore certain patterns and mechanisms of origin of a road accident. It gives us an opportunity to reveal predisposition of defined category of drivers to get involved in an accident. For determining typology of driverís personality we need to elaborate a scientifically grounded practical device as well as methods, means and ways of running individual tests for each person.

Stage 2: Develop algorithms and computer programs in order to be able to identify typology of a driverís personality. At this stage we also perform driverís testing and computer programs are processing the results received.

Stage 3: Create a customized recommendation program for each individual aimed at securing his/her safety and health, by using the Formula of a personal driver safety developed by us,

The methodology of this work is based on major principals of General

Systems Theory, Systems Analysis, Risk Analysis, Traffic Psychology,

Labor Physiology, Reliability Theory, Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics.


Expected Results:Our preliminary analysis shows that implementation of this program at any given entity (e.g. Truck Freight Moving company, or bus company, with 250 - 300 drivers on payroll) will lead to 8% to 12% road accidents reduction and its consequences. The program is applicable to elderly driverís safety as well as teen-age driverís safety. Implementation of this project will bring tremendous advantages in terms of economical, social, moral, material and political benefits and, thus, we believe, will find its way in all regions, cities and countries.


Qualifications:The head of the project Vemir Ambartsoumian: Developer and a Head of the following Departments: ⌠Safety of Vital Functions or

(Accident Prevention) and ⌠Labor Safety Analysis at universities in

Armenia and Algeria; Originator of a scientific school in ⌠Systems Analysis of Traffic Safety Issues; Founder and Head of scientific-research laboratory Traffic Safety; President of Traffic Safety Fund in Armenia. Author and Chair of Traffic Safety State (Armenia and Algeria) Complex Programs, etc.


Proposed Cost Estimate:Total Cost of the research is $380,000 (given the program is to be implemented at any Truck Freight Moving company (or bus company), with 250 √ 300 driver on payroll. Time Frame 10 to 12 months.


Dear Colleagues!

Attached please find our proposal:Formula of the personal driver safety. This proposal contains independent and very unique evaluation components that extensively change and improve the traffic safety conditions for the individual driver.

It is a special motivation for me and my colleagues to exchange the 35 years of scientific, practical knowledge and experience in the Traffic Safety with you.

Our primary focus is to develop Traffic Safety research and education projects and get people to wake up to the dangers. Our mission is simple, save peoples lives and prevent economical and social calamity.

I will be looking forward to a safer traffic in years to come and hope to hear from you soon. Please contact me if you have any questions and/or corrections about the attached document.

††† ††††††Best Regards, Doctor, Professor. Vemir Ambartsoumian


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