Vemir Ambartsoumian                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               



                                                         CURRICULUM VITAE




     During my 35-year career as a professor and researcher, I founded educational as well as research institutions in Armenia, Russia and Algeria.

      My outstanding abilities are exemplified in the Creation and the methodological support Risk Analysis and Risk Management of Traffic Safety, Ecological Safety and Life Protection. I received a number of diplomas and awards from different national and international organizations, including prizes from various scientific and educational institutions.

      As a Professor, I have worked in institutes and universities in Armenia, Algeria and Russia. I have more then 160 scientific publications in English, French, Russian and Armenian.

      I have published 12 manuals, which are officially recommended for educational institutions. Moreover, I provide further evidence that I have sustained national and international acclaim, and my achievements in science and education have been widely recognized:

a)     Major award for outstanding achievements in the academic field, National and international awards in scientific and educational area;

b)     Participant on a panel as a judge of the works of others in my field;  

c)      Contributions to the scientific and educational fields;            

d)     Books, manuals and scientific works have been on display at numerous national and international conferences, symposiums.





I was born on November 6, 1939 in the city Vardenis, Republic of Armenia.

From 1965 to the present, I have headed all the development and administrative projects of science and education in the following institutions

·        Professor (1965-1970) and Head of Chair (1970-1985 and 1989-1994) in the Armenian Agro technical Institute.

·        Head of Chair of the Hydraulic Engineering Higher School in the Republic of Algeria (1985-1989).

·        President of the Traffic Safety Foundation of Armenia (1991 until present).

·        Professor of the Moscow State Automobile-Road Institute (Technical University) (1994-1999).

·        Professor of the Russian University of Friendship Peoples (1994 -1999).






I was awarded a number of diplomas and awards from national and international organizations:

1998 Diploma: Active Member of Academy awarded by New York Academy of Sciences;

1994 Diploma: Active Member of Academy awarded by the International Academy of Ecology and Life Protection Sciences;                                                                                 

1983 Diploma: Doctorate Technical Sciences granted by Superior Scientific Commission (SSC) URSS                       

1985 Diploma: Professor granted by Superior Education Commission  (SEC) URSS              

1966 Diploma: Lecturer granted by SEC URSS.                                      

1965 Diploma: Candidate for Scientist granted by SSC URSS

1959 Diploma: Engineer degree granted by Agro technical Institute of the Dnepropetrovsk in Ukraine

1994 Certificate for Experts Transport Project Analysis and Management Program awarded by the Economic Development Institute of the World Bank.

 1998 Prize of the Society for Risk Analysis in France.




                                           WORK OF COLLEAGUES                                


As the Head of Chair of institutions in Armenia, Algeria, and Professor of Moscow State Automobile-Road Institute (Technical University) and Russian University of Friendship Peoples, I was in charge of evaluating colleagues in my field.

At a number of national and international conferences, I served on a Panel, which judges the works of participants of conference. 

The Achievements of my scientific and educational works widely have been estimated in International and Professional areas:

*  Symposium-91 of Armenian Engineering and Scientists of America, Los Angeles, California, 1991.

*Asia Pacific Regional Conference. New Delhi, India, 1991

*International Conference of the Institute for Risk Research University of Waterloo, Waterloo

 Canada, 1995.

*International Conference “Ecology of Cities”, Rhodes, Greece, 1998.

*International Conference Society for Risk Analysis. Paris, France, 1998.

*First China-Japan Conference. Beijing, China, 1998.






My Contributions to sciences and education include more then150 original scientific publications in major media, and 12 Manuals, which were officially recommended for educational institutions. The following is a selected list of some works: 

1 Traffic Safety.  Moscow, “Machinostroenia”. Manual for Institute’ I Edition 1997, 288 p.; II Edition 1998, 305 p.; III Edition 1999 335 p. En Russian.  

2. General System Approach of Traffic Safety Problem Solution. St.Petersburg. LAI. Manual for Institute.1999, 353 p. En Russian.

3. Ecological Safety of Automobile Transport. Moscow, ”Nauchtechizdat”. Manual for Institute. 1999, 208 p. En Russian.  

4. The Problem of Guaranteeing of Traffic Safety in modern economic conditions. Journal “Automobile Transport” Moscow, 1997, N12. En Russian.

5. Overland Transportation Safety Problem in Armenia Los Angeles, California, 1991. 

6.Accident Routes Analysis and Truck Safety Organization. Waterloo, Canada, 1995.

7. Analysis by Bank of the Dates of Accident Rates of the System “Driver-Automobile-Road- Environment”. Paris, France, 1998, En French.

8.Determination of the Concept of Fundamental Ecological Education in Russia. Rhodes, Greece, 1998

9. Ecological Problem of Road Transport in Russia. Journal “System and Apparatus of Ecology” 1999, N1.

10. The Concept of Fundamentalization of Ecological Training. Beijing, China, 1998.

11. Scientific and Practice Methods Guaranteeing Traffic Safety. Yerevan, “Ayastan”, 1984, 117 p. En Armenian

12. Analysis of Road Transport Accidents of Armenia. Yerevan “Ayastan”, 1977, 143 p. En Armenian. 

13. Organization and Management of the Automobile Transport and Traffic Safety. Yerevan, “Lujs”. Manual for Institute.  1980, 420 p. En Armenian.

14. Protection of Work. Yerevan, ”Lujs’. Manual for Institute.1985, 450 p. En Armenian. 

15. Automation in Automobile Transport. Yerevan, ”Luys”. Manual for Institute. 1972, 280 p. En Armenian





I have meet the following tests set forth in regulation:

1. I have a major award in the academic field;

2. I have received a major internationally recognized award in science and education;

3. I have received a number of top national and international awards in science and education;

4.  I am a member of international and national associations and institutions that require outstanding achievements from their members (judged by recognized experts in science and education);  

5.  Published material about my achievements has appeared in major media;   

6.  I have participated as a judge of the work of others in my field;  

7.  I have made original contributions of major significance in the field of sciences and education 

8.  My Manuals have been widely recognized in different institutes and universities .  

9.  My research has been displayed at national and international conferences and symposiums.




                                       Vemir Ambarsumian   



October 28 2004






                                   Index to Exhibit 


1.      Copy of Diploma Active Member of the New York Academy of Sciences. 

2.      Copy of Diploma Active Member of the International Academy of Ecology and Life Protection Sciences. 

3.      Copy of Diploma Doctorate technical Science, awarded by Superior Scientific Commission (SSC) URSS. (With Translation). 

4.      Copy of diploma Ph.D. awarded by Superior Educational Commission (SEC) URSS.

      (With translation). 

5.      Copy of Diploma Lecturer, awarded by SEC URSS. (With translation). 

6.      Copy of diploma Candidate Scientist awarded by SSC URSS. (With translation).

7.      Copy of Diploma Engineer Mechanic, awarded by Agro technical Institute of Dnepropetrovsk.(with translation) 

8.      Copy of Certificate for Experts, awarded by Economic Development Institute of the Word Bank. 

9.      Letter from Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada. 

10. Letter from Organization of the Society for Risk Analysis in France. 

11. Booklet of Symposium-81 of Armenian engineers and Scientists of America Inc. 

12. Booklet of the Asia Pacific Regional Conference of India. 

13. Letter from Institute for Risk Research, University of Waterloo, Canada. 

14. Booklet of the International Conference Ecology and Cities, Greece. 

15. Letter from International Conference of Risk Analysis. French.

16. Booklet of the First China-Japan International Conference. 

17. Title pages of the Manual “The Traffic Safety”. (With translation). 

18. Title page of the Manual “General System Approach of the Traffic Safety”(With translation).

19. Title page of the Manual “Ecological Safety of Automobile Transport” (With translation).

20. Title page of the book “Scientific and Practical Methods guaranteeing of the Traffic Safety”(With   


21.Title page of the book“ Analysis of Road Transport Accidents of Armenia” (With translation).

22.Title page of the Manual “Organization and Management of Automobile Transport and Traffic Safety” (With translation).

23.Title page of the Manual “The Protection of Work”. (With translation).

24.Title page of the Manual “Automatisation in the Automobile Transport. (With translation).

25.Title page and contents of the manual " Risk Analysis and Risk Management of Traffic Safety".